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SKU: KHG0010003

ARTIST: Ivana King


Medium: Mixed Media and 24 Karat Gold on Board
Artwork size: 85 x 41 cm
Product Code: KHG0010003

"Cygnus was inspired by the Cygnus northern constellation, deriving its name from the Latinized Greek word for swan. Cygnus can be linked to several different Greek myths, but the one symbolised in this abstract piece is the one of Cycnus, a close friend of Phaeton, the mortal son of the Sun god Helios. In the story, Phaeton and Cycnus were racing each other across the sky when they came too close to the Sun. Their chariots burned up and they fell to the Earth. Cycnus came to and, after looking for Phaeton for a while, he discovered his dead friend’s body trapped at the bottom of the Eridanus River. He was unable to recover the body, so he made a pact with Zeus: if the god gave him the body of a swan, he would only live as long as a swan usually does. Once transformed, Cycnus was able to dive into the river, retrieve Phaeton’s body and give his friend a proper burial. This allowed Phaeton’s soul to travel to the afterlife. Zeus was moved by Cycnus’ sacrifice and placed his image in the sky.

Cygnus colours (when photographed) are warm, with pink and purple tones. The gold pattern in the piece, as well as the gold splashes, represents the race in the sky, towards the Sun. The fluidness of the composition represents the river where Phaeton body was laid bare until Cycnus rescued it."


About the Artist:

As a mixed media modern artist, Ivana combines traditional painting techniques - as acrylic and oils - with high-end mediums, including application of real 24 karat gold and premium resin. A fusion of rich timeless tradition and a new luxurious technique, that comes together to create her vision of art beauty. Ivana’s resin artworks has been collected all around the world, and their multidimensional characteristics due to its multiple layers creates a sensorial challenge for the viewers.


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