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Demeters Grieve

SKU: KHG0010001

ARTIST: Ivana King


Medium: Mixed Media on Board
Artwork size: 122 x 60 cm
Product Code: KHG0010001

"Demeter’s Grieve is inspired by Greek Mythology. After Hades kidnapped Persephone (Demeter’s daughter), Demeter mourned, and a terrible winter fell on the earth. She refused to let her grains and fruits grow again until her daughter was returned. Eventually, Zeus gave in and ordered Hades to let Persephone go, but he retained a claim on her, and she was made to return to him for a part of each year. Every fall, when Persephone returns to the underworld, Demeter sorrows and we have winter. The use of resin in a multi-layer configuration creates 3D effect and reinforce the depth of the piece."


About the Artist:

As a mixed media modern artist, Ivana combines traditional painting techniques - as acrylic and oils - with high-end mediums, including application of real 24 karat gold and premium resin. A fusion of rich timeless tradition and a new luxurious technique, that comes together to create her vision of art beauty. Ivana’s resin artworks has been collected all around the world, and their multidimensional characteristics due to its multiple layers creates a sensorial challenge for the viewers.


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Demeters Grieve

Demeters Grieve