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Ylang Ylang Symphony

SKU: KHG0016002

ARTIST: Colette LaVette


Medium:  Sustainable Oil Painting on Canvas
Artwork size: 100x120cm
Product Code: KHG0016002

"Reconstruction of a renaissance classic in line with The Brutta Figura Project, finding order in chaos as forms emerge from the expressionist impasto marks. Consisting mainly of natural pigments bohemian green earth multiple ochres such as yellow and gold."


About the Artist:

Colette LaVette harnesses sustainable materials to create her work, taking form in pieces that explore our relationship to our environment, whether that be immediate or far reaching. LaVette's work has a tendency to find order in chaos, culminating in a chaotic calm that explores environments past and present, transcending time. On a most fundamental level, LaVette endeavours to create art that doesn't offer everything upon the first viewing, but continues to give something new each time the art is viewed. It is easy to miss the figures that roam the expressionist impasto marks at first, but they slowly appear over time, emerging from the paint around them as a product of their environment.

The materials LaVette harnesses are of pure and natural origin, directly from the ground. Mixing these dry pigments like red earth, iron oxide, ochres and titanium dioxide with pure linseed oil form the basis of the cruelty free and sustainable paint she uses. This paint is then applied to surfaces such as linen, bamboo and hemp. Despite the fact her art could be left outside and would return to the ground leaving no trace, whilst it is hung on walls the archival qualities are incomparable. For example the iron oxide is the same used by early modern man for cave art which remains to this day.


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Ylang Ylang Symphony

Ylang Ylang Symphony